BioDrop μLite+ Microvolume Spectrophotometer


BioDrop µLite+ Microvolume Spectrophotometer

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The BioDrop µLite+ has a fixed pathlength microvolume port, increasing the reliability and consistency of results down to 1 µL of sample.

At a range of 190-1100nm with pre-programmed Life Science methods on a 7” touch screen, this innovative and versatile instrument will fulfill the needs of the most demanding laboratories.




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The port is easy to use: simply pipette as little as 1 µL and measure. Cleaning the port is easy too, just wipe with a lint free tissue to reduce sample carry over to undetectable amounts. Should a sample be unintentionally left on the port to dry out, mild detergents and distilled water should be used for a more thorough cleaning.

Life Science Applications

  • DNA, RNA
  • Oligo
  • Fluorescent Dye
  • Tm Calculation
  • Protein Dye
  • Protein UV
  • Colorimetric protein methods
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The BioDrop µLite+ microvolume sample port uses no moving parts. This means that the instrument provides excellent reproducibility without the need for regular pathlength calibration. Measurements are also highly accurate because the pathlength of the port is highly specified to 5 µm.

Pre-Programmed methods on the BioDrop µLite+ instruments include DNA, RNA and Oligo Concentration, Protein Assays, and an extensive menu of commonly available fluorescent dyes for nucleic acids and proteins. Should there be a method specific to your lab, this can be written in using the versatile Equation Editor.

Results can be saved to the on-board memory of the BioDrop, saved to USB as a .csv file, printed to the optional integrated serial printer, or analysed in the powerful BioDrop Resolution PC Software. BioDrop Resolution CFR is also an option for those labs that are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Application Typical Concentration
Sequencing 125 ng/20 μl (6 ng/μl)
Next Generation Sequencing 10 ng/μl
Transfections 5 to 30 μg/100μl
50 to 500 ng/μl
PCR 2 ng/μ
qPCR 200 ng/100 μl (2 ng/μl)
DNA Microarray >2 μg
siRNA 7.5 μg/μ
Protein Crystallography 50 ng/μl



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Technical Specifications
Specification Data
Measurement Time <4 seconds
Wavelength Range 190 - 1100 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±2 nm
Wavelength Reproducability ±1 nm
Spectral Bandwidth 5 nm
Stray Light <0.5 %T @ 220 nm NaI, <0.5%T @ 340 nm NaNO2
Photometric Range 0A to 2.5A, 0 to 100%T
Photometric Accuracy ±0.01A + 1.5% of the reading @ 546 nm
Photometric Reproducability ±0.003A (0 to 0.5A), ±0.007A(0.5 to 1.0A)
Noise 0.005A peak to peak, 0.002A RMS
Display 7" Touch screen display
Lamp Pulsed Xenon lamp with 3 year warranty
Languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese
Sample Volume Minimum 0.6 µL
Sample ports Microvolume port
Pathlength 0.5mm
Power Input 120 to 240V~ 50/60Hz, 40VA Max
Dimensions Height 190 mm x Width 280 mm x Depth 410 mm (521 mm with printer)
Weight Approx. 3.55 kg (4 kg with printer)
Software Resolution Software (included), Resolution CFR (optional)


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Software Functions

  • Single Wavelength
  • Concentration
  • Wavescan
  • Kinetics
  • Standard Curve
  • Substrate
  • Equation Editor


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BioDrop µLite+
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Spectrophotometer with 0.5 mm micro-volume port

BioDrop µLite+ with built-in printer
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Spectrophotometer with 0.5 mm micro-volume port and built-in printer

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BioDrop Resolution CFR Software
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21CFR Part 11 compliant PC control software

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IQ/OQ Documents for Biodrop Duo+
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IQ/OQ Documents for Biodrop